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The University of Minnesota is a top-15 public research institution conducting innovative and impactful research across a broad range of fields and disciplines. Our researchers improve our understanding of the world and help facilitate technologies and ideas that positively impact the prosperity, welfare, and security of our communities, state, nation, and beyond.

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The University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership’s Agricultural Weather Study provides a platform for actionable climate science throughout Minnesota.
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The Center for Transportation Studies plays an important support role helping researchers translate their work into real-world solutions – most recently with The Future of Mobility series.
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Learn more about the impact of University of Minnesota research and its role in advancing innovation and fostering economic development in the region. View research statistics

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Innovation Impact Case Award
Mar 22, 2023

The Innovation Impact Case Award recognizes research that has led to significant impact outside of academia and has made a meaningful difference in our communities.

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International Institute for Biosensing banner
Mar 17, 2023

Funds from the newly established International Institute for Biosensing will support a cohort of UMN PhD students across multiple disciplines to advance biosensing research at the University and beyond.

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Mar 3, 2023

Researchers: learn how to better communicate science and engage with audiences beyond the academic community at Speaking Science 2023's kickoff event. 

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