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IBC Application Process & General Info

General Recommendations

Learn about suggestions for completing an application. Content is centered around issues that most frequently lead to stipulations.


New IBC Protocols & Renewals

Learn about how to submit new protocols & renewal applications in eProtocol. A guide to cloning an IBC application is also described in this section.

IBC Applications for Teaching Laboratories

Learn how to complete an IBC application to cover the work performed in a teaching laboratory.

Amendments to IBC Applications

Learn how to submit an amendment.

Annual Continuing Reviews

Learn how to submit a continuing review. A comparison of continuing reviews vs 3 year renewals is also described here. 

Post Review Process

Guidance for responding to stipulations and the time frame in which stipulations must be addressed.

Post Approval Process

Learn how you will be notified of your approval and an overview of post-approval actions that can be taken (amendments, continuing reviews, 3 year renewals).

Risk Assessment and Biosafety Containment Levels

Learn how to perform a risk assessment and determine the appropriate biosafety containment level for your work.

IBC Applications for Core Facilities

Learn how to complete an IBC application to cover the work performed in a Core Facility.


Shipping Guidelines

Learn about shipping guidelines for r/sNA contained in organisms or viral genomes.


Announcements for the UMN Research Community