Informed Consent Orientation

Welcome to the University of Minnesota
Web-Based Instruction on Informed Consent.

This site provides information on the informed consent process and also a tool to help you create a consent document.

If you are new to the informed consent process, you will learn more by reviewing the modules in order. If you are new to the use of a web browser, this orientation will provide you with valuable information.

Modules 1 and 2 furnish background on the consent process. Information is divided into sections and presented in scrolling text. The quiz at the end of the modules is a chance to check your understanding, but the results are not captured.

Buttons are used to move around in the site and to take you to learning aides.

Examples Give you samples or models of the consent process in documents.
Exercises Allows you to check what you have learned.
Menu Lists the instructional modules with a brief description of their content.
NextTakes you to the next section within the module.
PreviousTakes you to the previous section within the module.
ReturnTakes you to the previous location.
Show MeTakes you to the correct answer of the exercise.
TopTakes you to the top of the current section, from which you can skip to other sections within the module.

Underscored words lead to additional information or learning aids. You can return to the main text by selecting Menu, Return, or the Back key on your Browser.

This module is currently unavailable:
Module 3, Create a Consent Document
, is one screen split in two. What you type into the scrolling text box on the top portion of the screen becomes the consent document. The lower portion of the screen offers aids in constructing the document. More information on using the tool is available at the beginning of the module.

Module 4, After Approval Requirements, explains the ongoing aspect and requirements of the consent process.

This module is currently unavailable:
Module 5, Test Your Understanding
, will help you determine if you understood the concepts. These results can be sent to an e-mail address.

The Site Map lists all the sections in all the modules for easy reference. Clicking on a section will take you to that location. However, you can only enter Module 3 at the beginning.

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