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Software & Information Technology

Researchers using software at a desk, looking at a computer screen together

Releasing Open Source

We work with the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) to identify standards for open-source release of University-owned software:

  • OGC-approved open-source license
  • Dual end-user commercial licenses
  • Marketing page listing for commercial distribution license
  • Source code managed by faculty via

Mobile Apps

We manage iTunes and Google Play accounts for the Regents and are able to quickly setup distribution of free or paid apps.

The University has successfully licensed apps to entrepreneurs and large companies for distribution.

Mobile apps licensing information sheet

End-User & Express Licensing

We manage the express licensing website, which includes:

  • Credit card transactions
  • Online licensing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Template licenses result in quick license drafting
  • Tiered pricing

Express Licensing information sheet

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