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Fostering data-intensive research and advancing research infrastructure

The University of Minnesota Informatics Institute (UMII) is in the Office of the Vice President for Research. UMII responds to the needs of the university community, and is shaped by the university community in partnership with public and private entities. UMII is under the umbrella of Research Computing.


Advance your understanding of informatics by finding the right degree or certifcate program, knowledge pathway or course, as well as tutorials and workshops.


Learn more about UMII-sponsored funding opportunities and other curated lists of extramural awards.


Find out more about the complex field of informatics and it's broad range of research areas.


UMII provides services to the university community to meet their informatics needs. Learn more about the analytics services UMII is developing at high-throughput facilities.


The On the Horizon and Updraft competitions no longer have deadlines and funding levels were increased. Submit at any time.

NIH has issued new Requests for Applications (RFAs) for the NIH BRAIN Initiative. Click here for more information.

The Minnesota Population Center offers free Data Training Workshops to learn how to access and use the world's largest repositories of demographic data.

UMII awarded the UMII Informatics Graduate Summer Fellowships on "Critical Data Studies: Where is the Human in the Data?" to provide a humanistic perspective on Big Data. Click here to learn more about the awards.

The Libraries are offering training and workshops for Managing Your Data. Many of these courses are online.

The NSF developed a plan to increase public access to scientific publications and digital scientific data of research funded by the NSF. Click here to learn more about this new requirement that went into effect in January 2016.

Learn more about the highlights of the new Research Data Management policy that went into effect in January 2015.

Learn more about UMII's graphic element and its creator, Augie Park, a College of Design graduate student and a graduate research assistant at Design Thinking @College of Design.

The NIH Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Initiative seeks to enhance the ability of researchers in the biomedical field to extract more information from their data, offering funding and other resources.

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