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Over the past five years, the Office for Technology Commercialization has produced year-over-year growth in nearly every important measure of technology transfer success. In 2013, we increased our base revenue and managed more technologies, served more faculty, completed more licensing agreements and created more startup companies than ever before.

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U of M Technology Commercialization Statistics

Fiscal Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Disclosures 255 250 321 331 343
New U.S. Patent Filings 66 78 115 148 138
New Licenses 67 76 71 91 154
University Startups 8 9 12 14 15
Current Revenue-Generating Agreements 399 457 426 331 429
Gross Revenues* $83.8 $10.1 $45.7 $39.47 $27.4
Outgoing Material Transfer Agreements 171 271 313 281 288

*Dollar amounts represented in millions

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More U of M Data

According to the annual report issued by the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) the University of Minnesota performed well in comparison to its peers in FY10.

The University ranked 6th overall in licensing income, was tied for 15th among all universities with 8 new startup companies launched and ranked 17th in terms of new licenses executed.

Annual Research Reports

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