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Software & Information Technology (SIT) is a business unit in the Office for Technology Commercialization that specializes in fostering business opportunities for software and copyrights created at the University of Minnesota.

We collaborate with personnel from all levels of the University, administrators, faculty, post-docs, fellows, interns and students and facilitate transactions with entrepreneurs, and external companies. We quickly and effectively transfer intellectual property to these partners to distribute, implement and support the University’s innovations.

If you are a University of Minnesota inventor in the software & information technology area and would like to discuss potential next steps on commercializing your invention, please contact a Technology Portfolio Manager.

Service Offerings

  • Evaluating the business market and patentability of the innovation
  • Creating initial distribution and revenue streams
  • Pricing and drafting end-user software licenses
  • Marketing & licensing
  • Negotiating and structuring licensing terms
  • Facilitating entrepreneurship efforts through the UMN Venture Center
  • Finding professional expertise

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Licensing information

The software & information technologies available for licensing can be found at

If you have any questions about licensing technologies from this portfolio, please contact a Technology Marketing Manager.

Transferring Creative Works

The SIT team transfers University owned copyrights to commercial partners, enabling commercial use of University copyrights.

Previous Innovations include:

  • Software
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Databases
  • Assessments
  • Curricula
  • eBooks
  • Questionnaires

We can work with you to develop business models, revenue structures, size the market potential and identify external partners for commercialization.

Step 1: Send us a disclosure

Download details about transferring creative works at:

Releasing Open Source

The SIT team has worked with the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) to identify the ideal licenses under which to release University owned open source software.

Standard Open Source Release Includes:

  • OGC approved open source license
  • Dual end-user commercial licenses
  • Marketing page listing for commercial distribution license
  • Source code managed by faculty via

Step 1: Send us a disclosure

Download details about releasing open sources at:

Mobile Apps

The SIT team manages iTunes & Google Play accounts for the Regents. We are able to quickly setup distribution of free or paid apps. Additionally, the University has had success licensing apps to entrepreneurs and large companies.

Step 1: Send us a disclosure

Download details about mobile apps at:

End-User & Express Licensing

The SIT team manages the express licensing website which includes:

  • Credit card transactions
  • Online licensing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Template licenses result in quick license drafting
  • Tiered pricing

Step 1: Send us a disclosure

Download details about end-User & express licensing at:


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