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Benefits of Working with OTC

Companies that work with us enjoy:

  • Direct access to world-class technology inventions
  • Opportunities to develop technologies from our renowned research faculty
  • Legal, technical, and business advice from our experienced team
  • Comfort and satisfaction of licensing intellectual property from the University of Minnesota, 9th among all public universities in the United States

We employ Strategy and Marketing Managers with significant industry experience across many disciplines. We understand the product development process and the time and resources required to successfully commercialize early stage research. Our industry background shapes our strong commitment to you, and allows us to offer assistance at every step of the licensing and commercialization process.

We connect inventors and technologies with our business community by hosting Technology Showcases and supporting technology and outreach organizations such as The Collaborative, the Licensing Executives Society, and the Association of University Technology Managers.

Additionally, through our Venture Center's Advisor and CEO-in-Residence Programs, we develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with local entrepreneurs and business executives.

Research Highlight



Image Sensing Systems, Inc., (ISS) emerged in 1984 when Dr. Panos Michalopoulos, our founder, had the vision of using video image processing (machine vision) technology for advanced traffic management. Dr. Michalopoulos saw the potential of using video cameras and computers in real-life traffic applications to offer innovative solutions to our increasingly congested roadways and initiated the AutoScope research and development when the market was in its infancy.

The AutoScope vehicle detection system uses computer image recognition to monitor traffic patterns on highways. The system improves monitoring of traffic flow on highways and enables quicker recognition of bottlenecks and accidents. Still in production today, the AutoScope traffic camera has been a long-time University of Minnesota success story.


Story from the AUTM Better World Report