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About the OVPR
The conduct of research is deeply connected to the university's mission. It is of critical importance to the reputation and future of this institution that we remain committed to the highest standards of research integrity in all work conducted in our institution.

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) staff process IRB submissions, assist independent research review committees, and assist executive committees comprised of chairs and vice-chairs from other panels.

Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews human subjects’ research projects, working with investigators to ensure adequate protection and informed, uncoerced consent. Human medical research studies go before the committee five times each month, faculty social research is reviewed monthly, and student social research studies are reviewed monthly.

Scientific Assessment

HRPP facilitates scientific assessment of new biomedical research proposals.This assessment may be used to fulfill the scientific review requirement when submitting applications for full committee medical reviews to the IRB.

More information about the IRB’s scientific review requirements, including other options for meeting these requirements, may be found here.

HRPP facilitated scientific assessment is requested through the CTR Portal. Download the job aid detailing how to register your project and request assessment.



News & information

Videos are now available for all sessions from the recent national conference on “Research with Human Participants: The National Debates,” held Dec. 2 at the University of Minnesota.


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IRB now allows researcher attendance at committee meetings at which the PI's study is under review.


Research Community Newsletter

The newsletter includes information about IRB policy and form changes, regulatory updates, and upcoming events. Read the recent edition.


OVPR launches new site to explore the impact of research on our world: Inquiry: Exploring university research