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Office of the Vice President for Research : University of MinnesotaOffice of the Vice President for Research : University of Minnesota

Annual reports

Vice President for Research Brian Herman delivered his State of Research report to the Board of Regents on Dec. 12, 2014, presenting performance measures for fiscal 2014, ten year trends, an update of technology commercialization efforts and a national and global analysis of research activity compared with our peer institutions.

Herman also reported on progress made on the university-wide research strategic plan, Five Years Forward through Collective Inspiration and Discovery, and other opportunities to invest in innovation at the University of Minnesota. The annual report presentation coincided with the previous night's inaugural presentation of the Innovation Awards recognizing 285 university inventors whose work was patented or licensed during fiscal 2012–2014.

Performance Measures

Overall, performance measures continue to show a strong research enterprise sustaining its ranking and performance among an elite group of institutions. University faculty and staff competed successfully for $741 million in sponsored research awards -- a 6.8% increase from 2013 (see below).

FY14 Awards by College & Campus

2014 Awards by college and campus

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For more, see VP Herman's 12/16/14 post on the Inquiry blog:
10 reasons our research enterprise is thriving