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Office of the Vice President for Research : University of MinnesotaOffice of the Vice President for Research : University of Minnesota


MN-IP: Minnesota Innovation Partnerships

This groundbreaking approach makes it easier for business to partner with the university to transform discoveries into innovative solutions. MN-IP is designed to improve access to university-developed technology while reducing the risk and cost associated with licensing intellectual property (IP) and sponsoring research.

MN-IP has two programs:

Try & Buy

License existing U of M inventions

Low-cost, low-risk method to determine the commercial potential behind existing university-developed technologies.

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Sponsor U of M research to create new technology

Industry-friendly terms up front, granting companies either an exclusive or non-exclusive license to the resulting IP.

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“The U of M has looked a lot harder at what industry
needs and how industry wants to work with universities.”

Frank Thibodeau, CEO
Adama Materials, Inc.

“The university's MN-IP program has been a great addition to their portfolio of offerings that promote industry collaboration...”

Jeff Montanye, Vice President RD&E,
Technology Partnerships & Development, Ecolab

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