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Meetings & deadlines

New applications and other submissions that are ready for review and received by 4:30 p.m. the day of the deadline will go to the next scheduled committee meeting. Due to volume constraints and committee member availability, some submissions and applications may be assigned to the subsequent committee meeting.

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IRB committees


Reviews research in the health and biological sciences

Faculty/Staff Social - 03

Reviews research in the social and behavioral sciences

Executive Committee

Meets one per month to discuss policies, procedures and address issues that arise in human subjects protection

Medical - 05

Reviews only continuing review submissions in the health and biological sciences

Student Social - 07

Reviews student-initiated research in the social and behavioral sciences

Committee assignment

The IRB attempts to maintain membership that represent the breadth of research conducted at the University of Minnesota. If your study question is outside the given scientific background of the committee, it could be reassigned to a more suitable committee for review. You will be notified of any such event.

Researcher attendance

The IRB allows principal investigators (PIs) who have submitted biomedical and social applications an opportunity to answer questions at IRB meetings when the PI’s study is under review in order to answer questions in real time about new proposals. The process allows for increased transparency and communication that may help to streamline the IRB communication process.

When a new biomedical or social application is assigned to an IRB agenda, the PI will be notified by email of the meeting date and time and will be invited to be available outside the meeting room should the IRB have questions.

General guidelines

  • PI will be notified of date of review when the application is assigned to a meeting and start time of the meeting
  • It is not possible to guarantee the precise time during the meeting that an application will be reviewed, though every effort is made to limit the time a PI is asked to wait. A typical meeting lasts approximately two to three hours
  • PIs will be asked to wait outside the IRB meeting room in case the Committee has questions that the PI could answer on the spot
  • The PI making himself or herself available is not a requirement or obligation
  • The PI making himself or herself available does not guarantee the Committee will invite the PI to come into the IRB meeting room to answer any questions
  • If a PI makes himself or herself available, an IRB staff member will inform the PI when the Committee has concluded its review of the application (so that the PI is not left to wait any longer)

Attendance logistics

  • Only the PI may attend
  • PIs will be required to RSVP their intention to attend
  • IRB staff will inform the Committee about the PIs who have communicated an intention to wait
  • IRB staff will remind the Committee of PI attendance at the time the application is reviewed
  • IRB staff will invite the PI to come into the meeting to answer questions, if applicable
  • If a PI is waiting, but has not been invited to answer questions, IRB staff will inform the PI that review of his or her project has ended

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