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IRB Review of International Research

Research conducted by University investigators in foreign countries remains under University purview and guidelines.

While we cannot impose our standards for written documentation on other cultures, we do not relax our standards for ethical conduct of research or for a meaningful consent process.

Special attention should be given to local customs and to local cultural and religious norms in drafting written consent documents or proposing alternative consent formats.

In some instances it may be appropriate for the IRB to waive some or all requirements for written consent.

Research proposals for which this may be reasonable should include explanations of cultural norms or conditions requiring such as waiver. (eg. societies where no written language is used, societies where signatures represent the surrender of spirit or soul to the researcher)

Research projects must have been approved by the local equivalent of an IRB before they are presented to the University IRB.

Where there is no equivalent board or group, investigators must rely on local experts or community leaders to provide approval. The IRB requires documentation of this "local approval" before it gives approval.

Include Appendix K with IRB applications for international research projects.

Cross-Cultural Issues and the Consent Process

The requirements for documenting informed consent vary among cultures. The IRB does not exempt projects conducted in foreign countries or with other cultural groups here from the consent requirement, but it can waive the requirement for written documentation of consent.

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4.11 Consent and language barriers in the Protecting Human Subjects Guide

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