Children's Assent Form
Parental Consent Form

Childrenís Assent Form

We are doing a study to try to learn about people who tell the truth and people who lie. We are asking you to help because we donít know very much about whether kids your age expect people to lie or tell the truth.

If you agree to be in our study, we are going to ask you some questions about people. We will want to know if you think they usually tell the truth or if they usually lie. For example, you will be asked if a politician, teacher, parent, or other people usually lie or tell the truth.

You can ask questions at any time that you might have about this study. Also, if you decide at any time not to finish, you may stop whenever you want. Remember, these questions are only about what you think. There are no right or wrong answers because this is not a test.

Signing this paper means that you have read this or had it read to you and that you want to be in the study. If you donít want to be in the study, donít sign the paper. Remember, being in the study is up to you, and no one will be mad if you donít sign this paper or even if you change your mind later.

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