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Immigrants and Minnesota's Workforce

The Office of University Economic Development (UED) has helped bring together a diverse group of stakeholders from the state, the University and the private sector to discuss the current and future role of international immigration in meeting the needs of Minnesota’s workforce.

Under the leadership of Humphrey School of Public Affairs Dean Eric Schwartz and Maura Donovan, Executive Director of UED, this Committee on Minnesota Workforce and Immigrants commissioned a study by Associate Professor Ryan Allen to provide a well-researched foundation for such discussions.

Report: Immigrants and Minnesota’s Workforce Report (includes Executive Summary)
Immigrants and Minnesota’s Workforce Executive Summary
Related Document: Case Studies of Immigrant Integration in Minnesota
Related Document: A Review of Literature on Immigrant Incorporation in the Workforce
Committee on Minnesota Workforce and Immigrants Membership
Fact Sheet: Immigrants and Minnesota’s Workforce
News Release: UMN report shows immigrants play vital role in future of state workforce

Contacts: Daniel Sopdie and Maura Donovan
Media contact: Dan Gilchrist