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Minnesota Futures Grant Program

Because today’s extraordinary societal challenges call for reaching beyond the established patterns and organization of the research community, the MN Futures Grant Program is designed to promote research and scholarship beyond existing initiatives through fostering opportunities for researchers to cross disciplinary and professional boundaries. The program is designed to promote in-depth work to convert ideas into viable research questions to enable faculty members to respond collaboratively and boldly to emerging opportunities in interdisciplinary research and scholarship.

2013-2015 Call for Proposals

Due date for Letter of Intent: Mar. 1, 2013
Due date for application: Mar. 25, 2013
Award notification: Mid May 2013
Project start date: Jul. 1, 2013
Project completion date: Jun. 30, 2015



  • The PI must be from the University of Minnesota
  • The funds must be spent at the U of MN (except in unusual situations)

Research and scholarly proposals will be evaluated by peer review using the following criteria:

  • The newness of group* (see definition below);
  • The breadth of disciplines and communities involved;
  • The importance of issues addressed;
  • The quality of the research design;
  • The feasibility of the plan of operation; and
  • The potential for future funding or scholarly impact.

*Definition of a New Group: Because the intent of the MN Futures program is to foster fresh and novel collaborations, new group means a group that has not worked together before. Although there might be some history of collaboration between different sets of the collaborators, the group itself should not have worked together for more than approximately a year. For example, two or three members of a larger group of collaborators could have published together but the whole group should not show a history of joint work. The proposal must provide a narrative of how the new group was formed and describe how it is distinct from other interdisciplinary work group members may have conducted in the past.


A letter of intent (LOI) indicating the Co-PI’s names and departments, the project’s tentative title, a short description of the proposed project, and two names and e-mail addresses of potential reviewers who are not connected with the proposed project. Please send this information via e-mail using MN Futures Letter of Intent and your last name in the subject line to, due date March 1, 2013. The LOI is not optional.



1. The Proposal Routing Form (PRF) should

  • Have “UMN VP for Research MN Futures” inserted in Item #1: Sponsor Name on the PRF.
  • Be routed to Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) the same as an externally funded submission.

2. Please send your proposal (items 1 – 3 in Outline section below) as a single PDF document, via e-mail using MN Futures Grant in the Subject line to, due date March 25, 2013.


1. The Cover Page (required template provided)
2. The proposal must be prepared in point size of 10 or higher with 1 inch margins, cannot exceed 15 pages (not including references), and should include:

• A narrative

  • Formation of the new group* (see definition above)
  • Interdisciplinary nature of the group
  • Rationale for proposed activity in terms of the societal problem being addressed
  • Research or scholarly design
  • Proposed outcomes
  • Management plan
  • Timeline
  • Potential for future funding and impact

• A budget and budget justification

  • No indirect costs will be paid
  • Support from other sources, if any, must be disclosed and explained in the budget justification

3. Bio-sketches of key collaborators (no more than 2 pages each, this is not included in the 15 page limit)


Allowable expenses up to $250,000 over two years for the proposal include personnel costs (senior personnel, post docs, graduate students and others); travel; materials and supplies; consultants; or computer services. General use equipment or supplies including computers, books, or subscriptions are not allowable.

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If you have questions or need additional information, please contact or 612-625-2356