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Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2014 Awards

Name(s) Department(s) Description
Abbas, Abdennour Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering Integration of Chromogenic Biosensors in the Packaging System for Real-Time Monitoring of Food Spoilag
Ai, Hengjie Finance Agency Frictions and Firm Dynamics in General Equilibrium
Al-Geddawy, Tarek Mechanical & Industrial Engineering The Construction of a Changeable Learning Factory (CLF)
Asojo, Abimbola Design, Housing & Apparel A Documentary on the Life, Art and Architecture of Demas Nwoko, A Transformational Nigerian Architect and Artist
Bardwell, Vivian Genetics,Cell Biology & Development/TMED The role of BCOR in development and disease
Chen, Xiaoli Food Science & Nutrition Lipocalin 2 regulates non-adrenergic activation of adipose tissue browning
Chen, Lihsia Genetics,Cell Biology & Development/CBS Mechanisms of Ras-MAPK in synaptic modulation in C. elegans
Cho, Jeong-Hyun Electrical & Computer Engineering 3D Surface Patterns for the Development of 3D Sensor Arrays
Clarke, Benjamin Medical Microbiology & Immunology Characterization of the vasotocin receptor system in sea lamprey
Conner, Sean Genetics,Cell Biology & Development/CBS Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Notch Transport and Signaling
Convertino, Matteo Environmental Health Sciences Bio-hydro-epidemiology of cholera: a complex adaptive systems model for early-prediction and optimal management
Deutsch, Tracey History The Julia Child Project
Engel, Stephen Psychology Towards a Novel Therapy for Strabismus
Ferguson, David Medicinal Chemistry Uncovering Cancer Neoantigens for Vaccine Targeting
Gerbner, Katharine History Christian Slavery: Protestant Missions and Slave Conversion in the Atlantic World
Glasoe, Ward Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Arch Motion Following Bunion Surgery: A Fluoroscopic Gait Study
Gopinath, Anand Electrical & Computer Engineering Digital Beam Forming of Images from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems
Greminger, Michael Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Lightweight Smart Composite Ultrasonic Actuator
Guala, Michele Civil Engineering Optimal Siting and wake of de-rated wind turbine models
Harki, Daniel Medicinal Chemistry Microwave Synthesizer for Medicinal Chemistry Research
Hermes, Mary Education Second Language Acquisition at Ojibwe Immersion Sites
Hogan, Chris Mechanical Engineering Unraveling the Mechanism of Soot Formation
Hsieh, Lisa Architecture The Myth of Clouds: Japanese New Wave Architecture
Jansa, Sharon Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Molecular and Functional Characterization of a Coevolutionary Arms Race
Johnson, Andrea Architecture ARCHITECTS IN THE ARTIST'S STUDIO
Jones, Thomas Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics Data Storage for New Very Large Datasets
Kikyo, Nobuaki Medicine Exosome-mediated nuclear reprogramming
Koenig, Melissa Child Development How Children Learn from Others: Identifying Core Dimensions and Processes
Kollanoor Johny, Anup Animal Science Testing Salmonella Heidelberg’s potential to contaminate turkey meat systemically
Larson, Chris Art African Breuer Daylight
Lehman, Clarence Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Bioenergy from reserve native grassland: Measuring harvest and monitoring wildlife
Li, Xuan Mathematics & Statistics Response Adaptive Design: Misclassification and Adjustment
Masino, Mark Neuroscience Intraspinal Serotonergic Interneurons: Modulation of locomotor circuits
Matar, Nabil English European Missionaries in the Ottoman Levant: Converting Jews, Eastern Christians, and Muslims, 1598-1798.
McCormick, Alon Chemical Engineering & Materials Science Advanced Drop Shape Analysis Tensiometer - shared equipment at the Coating Process and Visualization Laboratory (CPVL)
McGrath, Jason Asian Languages & Literatures Anthologies of Chinese Film Theory and History
McMahon, Siobhan Nursing - Adult & Gerontological Health Developing an Intervention to Enhance Motivation for Physical Activities that Reduce the Risk of Falls
Meyer, Gary Computer Science & Engineering Predicting Color Appearance Matches
Miller, Robert Neuroscience The measurement of light-evoked D-serine release in the vertebrate retina
Modiano, Jaime Veterinary Clinical Sciences Sensitization to CD47 Blockade to Enhance Anti-Tumor Immunity
Mortimer, Jeylan Sociology How Parents Influence Children: A Three Generation Study
Nagler, Rebekah Journalism & Mass Communication Effects of Media Exposure to Cancer Screening Controversy: A Mixed-Methods Study
Odello, Denise Humanities Marching Music Styles in the United States
Olin, Michael Pediatrics - Hem/Oncology Use of a Novel Annexin II-CD200 Inhibitor to Overcome Tumor Induced Immunosuppression
Orshinsky, Angela Plant Pathology Nanodrop 2000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer with laptop
Park, Lisa Sociology Medical Deportations
Peterson, Marnie Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology The role of the vaginal microbiota in sexually transmitted infections (STI)
Regal, Jean Anatomy, Microbiology & Pathology Dual Mode Imaging System
Reich, Peter Forest Resources Global Change Impacts on Terrestrial Ecosystems: the BioCON Project
Resnick, Michael Pediatrics-Adolescent Health and Med Partnering for Healthy Student Outcomes
Rogers, Mary Horticultural Science Ecological-based pest management strategies for insect pests in organic broccoli production systems
Rose-Hellekant, Teresa Anatomy, Microbiology & Pathology Acquisition of a Cell Sorter for the Duluth Campus
Schorr, Erica Nursing - Adult & Gerontological Health The Effect of Continuous Activity Tracking on Physical Activity Maintenance.
Sellew, Philip Classical & Near Eastern Studies Resurrecting Early Christian Lives: Digging in Papyri in a Digital Age
Sen, Soumya Information & Decision Sciences On the Efficacy of Sponsored Content for Mobile Broadband Data Users
Shackelford, Jole MS History of Medicine A History of Chronobiology and Chronopharmacology in American Medicine
Stadler Bethanie Electrical and Computer Engineering - Fields & Photonics Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis

Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2013 Awards

Name(s) Department(s) Description
Afanador-Pujol, Angelica Art History The ‘Relación de Michoacan’ and the Politics of Representation in Colonial Mexico
Al-Azzam, Omar Math, Science & Technology Developing web-based bioinformatics software tools for genome mapping
Ball, Jennifer Journalism & Mass Communication The Role of Emotion and Involvement in Fair Balance of DTC Prescription Drug Advertising: Effects on Perceived Risk and Recall
Beal, Sophia Spanish & Portuguese Brazilian Fiction from the Capital: Poetics and Public Space in Brasília
Bellemare, Marc Applied Economics Experimental Evidence on Attitudes to Price Uncertainty
Bizri, Hisham Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Until Morning
Cakir, Metin Applied Economics Competition in the Presence of Private Labels
Campbell, Stephen Electrical & Computer Engineering Keyence digital microscope for cleanroom applications
Canepa, Matthew Art History The Iranian Expanse: Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape and Imperial Cosmology in Iranian Western Asia (550 BCE – 642 CE)
Castellanos, Bianet American Studies The Cultural Politics of Housing, Indigeneity, and Debt in Cancún, Mexico
Ceballos, Michael Biology Epilepsy and impacts of herpesvirus infection in the mouse brain
Dudley, Timothy Math, Science & Technology Theoretical Studies of Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Benzimidazoles
Dumitrica, Traian Mechanical Engineering Understanding the Atomistic Structure of Amyloid Fibrils via DFTB Objective Molecular Dynamics
Ek, Alan Forest Resources Dynamics of forests, habitat and carbon in Northern MN 1959-2014 and beyond
Friedemann-Sanchez, Greta Public Affairs - Politics & Govern. Acad Prog Resource-Poor Caregiving for Pediatric Diabetes in Nagpur, India
Gao, Zan Kinesiology Effects of Exergaming on Urban Children’s Physical Activity and Body Composition
Gewirtz, Jonathan Psychology Role of Microglial TLRs in Cellular and Behavioral Responses to Opiate Withdrawal
Gibbons, Rachel Biology Investigating the Influence of CD80/B7-H1 Signaling on Anti-Tumor Immune Responses Mediated by CD8+ T Cells
Gibbons, Rachel Biology Acquisition of a BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer
Girshick, Steven Mechanical Engineering Solar Photocatalytic Water Splitting to Generate Hydrogen
Goren, Paul Political Science Race-Coded Myths? Stereotypes, Symbolic Racism, and White Opposition to Big Government
Granick, Jennifer Veterinary Clinical Sciences Endogenous Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cell Function at the Site of Cutaneous Staphylococcus aureus Infection
Hayes, Katherine Anthropology Expansion of GPR Capacity for Use in Archaeological, Paleontological, and Geological Survey
Hooke, Mary Nursing Measuring Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents with Cancer
Hoxie, Alison Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Combustion Characterization of Blended Biofuels
Jalan, Bharat Chemical Engineering & Materials Science Development of Oxide Hybrid MBE with Atomic Layer Control
Jerde, Trenton Cognitive Sciences Topographic Maps of Space using Ultra High Field Brain Imaging
Jones, Terry Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics IRMOS Telescope Interface
Karpuzcu, Rahmet Electrical & Computer Engineering Amnesiac Machines: Trading off Computation for Storage
Karras, Ruth Mazo History Authority and Knowledge in the Thirteenth Century: Judaism Encounters Christianity and Islam
Lamba, Jatinder Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology Pharmacogenomics of Ara-C in AML
Lee, Richard Psychology Project INTERFACE
Liang, Jennifer Biology Coordination of Circadian Rhythms in Zebrafish
Lim, Hubert Biomedical Engineering Neural coding of speech-like stimuli within the auditory midbrain
Lowe, Dawn Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation GIA Bridge: Interaction of estrogen and age on musculoskeletal strength in females
Lower, Michael History Fighting for the Enemy: The Medieval Mercenary between Christianity and Islam
Lu, Connie Chemistry The Design and Tailoring of Bimetallic Catalysts
Macosko, Chris Chemical Engineering & Materials Science Acquisition of Nanoscale Thermal Analysis and Scanning Thermal Microscopy as Shared Equipment
Mageau, Michael Geography, Urban, Environment & Sustainabilityt Victus Farms: Comparing Raft versus Vertical Column Approaches to Plant Growth in an Aquaponic System
Mazzocco, Michele Child Development Numerical Ambiguity and Individual Differences in Relational Number Sense
Mehrotra, Mili Management (Carlson) Models for Understanding Innovation in Health Services Payment Modalities
Morgan, Clarence Art The Wonky Predisposition of Contemporary Abstract Painting
Mukku, Venugopal Math, Science & Technology Purchase of a HPLC system
Nakagawa, Yasushi Neuroscience Roles of thalamic afferents in neocortical development
Northrop, William Mechanical Engineering Ultrasonic Thermometry for High Speed Temperature Measurement in Internal Engines
Panyam, Jayanth Pharmaceutics Nano-immunotherapy for Bladder Cancer
Pierce, Jennifer American Studies Working in the Ivory Basement: Clerical Workers, the Women's Movement, and the New Economy
Prabha, Swayam Pharmaceutics Nano-Engineered Mesenchymal Stem Cells as Targeted Therapeutic Carriers
Roy, Sabita Surgery - Surgical Sciences Aperio Scanscope CS2 (Leica Biosystems) for Department of Surgery
Rudser, Kyle Biostatistics Robust Inference for Summary Measures of Survival
Schardt, Christian Geological Sciences Potential of transition metal isotopes and high-technology metal signatures related to sulfide mineralization in the Duluth Complex
Seelig, Davis Veterinary Clinical Sciences Probing the mechanisms of involuntary weight loss in neurodegenerative disease
Simon, Jeffrey Genetics,Cell Biology & Development/CBS Histone methylation by a Polycomb repressive complex
Stern, Marshall Animal Science Defining Amino Acid Requirements for Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Syed, Moin Psychology The Cultural Context of Immigration and Psychological Adjustment in Sweden
Tadmor, Ellad Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics Hyper-QC: Development and Experimental Validation
Taylor, Dominic Theatre Arts & Dance Staging the Un-stageable: Directing Purple Flower to test if truly revolutionary content can be performed.
Tretyakova, Natalia Medicinal Chemistry DNA-Protein Crosslinks in the Etiology of Heart Disease
Wall-Romana, Christophe French & Italian Astronomy, Photography, and the Emergence of Cinema
Williams, Liliya Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics Advancing Understanding of Self-Gravitating Astrophysical Systems
Wright, Elizabethada Writing Studies The Green Book as Representational Anecdote
Wright, John African American & African Studies Science, Race Elevation, and the Dialectics of Chess and Mancala in the Anglo-African Imagination
Zhang, Yang Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Neural coding of speech sounds in children with hearing loss
Zhou, Debao Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Development of a Force Sensor Array to Measure the Contact Pressure between Colonoscope Body and Colonic Wall during Colonoscopy
Zimmer, Sara Anatomy, Microbiology & Pathology Phosphorimaging System for Biomedical Research

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