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Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2017 Awards

Name(s) Department(s) Description
Aizura, ArenGender, Women & SexualityTransForming Visions: participatory documentary on transgender activism in South and South East Asia
Andow, DavidEntomology, Dept ofShotgun sequencing of arthropod predator gut contents
Areba, EuniceSoN Academic ProgramsPromoting Effective Coping among Immigrant and Refugee Adolescents
Bai, JingD Electrical EngineeringDevelopment of a New Type of Metamaterial Thin Film Solar Cells Based on the Fano Resonance
Brennan, TimothyCultural Studies & Comp LitPlaces of Mind, Occupied Lands -- Edward Said, An Intellectual Biography
Chan, GabrielHHH Sci, Tech & Env Acad ProgSharing the Same Sun: A Collaborative Research Initiative on Community Solar Programs (Part 1: Lessons from Minnesota)
Chen, YingjieMED Cardiology DivisionChronic heart failure-induced lung inflammation and destruction
Chow, LisaMED Endocrine & Diabetes DivImproving Metabolism in Overweight Humans by Implementing Time Restricted Feeding Using Novel Digital Mobile Technology
Codding, RobinEd Psych AdministrationAccelerating Mathematics Performance through Practice Strategies: Examining Effectiveness of a Small Group Intervention
Cotner, JamesCBS Ecology, Evolution, BehavrEffects of bacterial metabolism, stoichiometry, and ecology on dissolved organic matter composition
Davalos, Karen MaryChicano & Latino StudiesMexican American Art since 1848
Dumitrica, TraianCSENG Mech Engineering AdminGeneral Purpose Distinct Element Method Computational Environment
Dziengel, LakeD Social WorkBe/Coming Out Across the Life Span: Examining Resilience and Loss Due to Identifying As A Sexual Minority
Eckerle, JulieM EnglishIreland: According to Early Modern Women
Fabbri, LorenzoFrench & ItalianThe Politics of Realism in PostWar Italy
Fang, QiangD HistoryRethinking the Role of Law in China’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)
Ganguly, KeyaCultural Studies & Comp LitPolitical Metaphysics: Aurobindo Ghose and Revolutionary Thought in India
Gordon-Roth, JessicaPhilosophy DepartmentFeminist Philosophy and Formal Logic Workshop
Haight, WendySocial Work Admin, School ofThe out-of-school suspension of Black girls in Minnesota: Risk and protective processes
Hennefeld, MargaretCultural Studies & Comp LitDeath from Laughter, Female Hysteria, and Early Cinema
Horning, MelissaSoN Academic ProgramsFormative Community-Based Participatory Evaluation Research of the Impact of the Twin Cities Mobile Market
Hsu, LeonCurriculum & Instruction AdminCustomizable Computer Coaches for Problem Solving in Physics
Isett, ChristopherHistory DepartmentManaging Development during the Cold War: Government, Enterprises, and Globalization on Taiwan, 1950 to 1982.
Johnstone, ChristopherOrg Leadership, Policy & DevInclusive Practice in International Development
Jones, SusanCSENG Hist of Sci & Tech, ProgPlague Homelands: Disease and Internal Colonization in the Eurasian Borderlands, 1880-2000
Klein, AmandaPharm Practice Pharm SciencesLeica cryostat and vibrotome
Kuang, RuiCSENG CS&E AdministrationScalable Tensor Algorithms for Comparing Many Big Networks
Lee, JamesPsychologyParsing information flow in speed cognitive tasks
Mann, TraciPsychologyUsing a new model of caloric deprivation to test strategies for resisting unhealthy high-sugar foods
Mans, JacobArchitecture, School ofOne House Many Nations: Opaskwayak Cree Nation Design Laboratory
Menke, MandySpanish & Portuguese StudiesThe Development of Academic Language in Spanish Language Immersion Programs
Mitchell, TaniaOrg Leadership, Policy & DevService Learning as a Pedagogical Strategy for Democratic and Civic Engagement: An Examination of Syllabi
Morgan, StevenM PhysicsNuclear magnetic resonance of solid 129Xe in low magnetic fields
Myers, ChadCSENG CS&E AdministrationComputational methods for mapping genetic interactions in human cells
Narvaez, BenjaminM HistoryRace, Immigration, and Nation: A History of the Chinese in Costa Rica, 1855-1943
Oelberger, CarrieHHH Leadership & Mgmt Acad ProMapping Patterns and Uncovering Mechanisms of Mobility: Career Paths and the Micro-foundations of Institutions
Pastor, JohnD BiologyThe effect of sulfate and sulfide on the viability of wild rice populations
Potter PhD, LincolnBMBB Med Regulatory BiochemRegulation of Guanylyl Cyclase A and B by Hormones, ATP and Phosphorylation
Remmel, RoryMedicinal ChemistryUltra-High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph for Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Research
Scheil, KatherineEng Languages & LiteratureImagining Shakespeare's Wife: The Afterlife of Anne Hathaway
Schultz, ArturoCSENG Civil, Envrn & Geo- EngCharacterizing the In-Plane Seismic Response of Concrete Masonry Walls with Unbonded Post-Tensioning
Seelig, BurckhardCBS Microbial Bio & BiotechTyphoon IP Biomolecular Imager for Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomedical Research
Swisher, SarahCSENG ECE AdminPhotonic curing of metal oxide thin films for flexible transistors on plastic
Szatrowski, PollyLinguistics, Institute ofDynamic construction of eating norms while eating and talking about food over a meal
Toner, BrandySoil, Water & Climate, Dept ofPredicting Climate Change Effects on the Release of Mercury and Sulfur from Minnesota Peatlands
Tretyakova, NataliaMedicinal ChemistryPartial Funding for MerMade8 DNA synthesizer for Chemical Biology, Chemical Carcinogenesis, and Biotechnology Research
Urriola, PedroAnimal Science, Dept ofDeveloping a risk assessment framework for transboundary swine viral disease transmission in feed
Walk, DavidNEUR Neurology Dept AdminA Pilot Study of Lung Volume Recruitment Combined with Expiratory Muscle Strength Training in ALS
Walsh, ShannonD Political ScienceThe Impact of Transnational Advocacy Networks on Implementing Violence against Women Laws in Latin America
Whitney, DonnaCSENG Earth Sciences, Dept ofDevelopment of a new application of stable isotope analysis to investigate H2O cycling in subduction zones
Wolfe, ThomasHistory DepartmentTransformations of Russian Society: Pluralism and the Post-Soviet Press
Wrigley-Field, ElizabethSociologyThe Epidemiological Transition in United States Rural Counties, 1900-1950
Zefeldt, MathewArt DepartmentPainting Screen Culture

Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2016 Awards

Name(s) Department(s) Description
Aldrich, CourtneyMedicinal ChemistryFadD Inhibitors as Chemotherapeutic Agents for Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis
Arriaga, EdgarCSENG Chemistry AdministrationAn Analyzer for Biological Nanoparticles
Baumler, DavidFood Sci & Nutr, Dept ofIdentification of essential metabolic reactions used by Listeria monocytogenes for survival in dairy foods
Channer, LisaTheatre Arts & Dance DeptDancing on the Edge - producing and performing a major new work of bilingual dance-theatre in Minnesota and New York
Collister, JohnVeterinary Biomedical ScienceRole of central actions of angiotensin II and voluntary alcohol ingestion
Dong, ZigangThe Hormel InstituteBridging the gap between molecular biology and biochemistry, and histopathology
Elliott, RyanCSENG Aerospace Eng & Mech AdmUncontrolled biological growth mechanisms: Instability of continuum models for growth and remodeling
Finzel, BarryMedicinal ChemistryMicroscale Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument (pUNk) for Protein and Medicinal Chemistry Applications
Flannigan, DavidCSENG Chem Eng & Mat Sci AdminIn Situ Ultrafast TEM for Studying Photoinduced Phase Transitions
Fortini, OtavioD Chemical EngineeringRigaku EDXRF
Franklin-Brown, MaryFrench & ItalianThe Roman Calendar After Rome: The Reception of Ovid’s Fasti in Premodern Europe (Notes Toward Time and the Lyric)
Githire, NjeriAfrican-Amer & African StudiesInedible Ideologies: Food, Politics and Artistic Expression in the African Cultural Landscape
Gould, RoxanneD EducationIndigenous Feminine Cosmology and Sustainable Water Practices: Implications for Sustainability Education
Hoeppner, LukeThe Hormel InstituteZeiss Axio Observer ApoTome fluorescent microscope for high-resolution imaging of living cells and embryos
Ji PhD, Li LiKinesiology AdministrationIn vivo DNA Transfection and Sarcopenia: A Mouse Model
Katz, SherriJournalism & Mass Comm, SchoolE-cigarettte Warning Labels: Tests of Messages to Reduce Recreational Use
Kelekar, AmeetaLMP AdministrationNovel Role for a Gluconeogenesis enzyme in T cell activation
Kikyo, NobuakiGCD MS Department AdminLumiCycle 32 Color luminometer
Krentzman PhD, AmySocial Work Admin, School ofAddiction Recovery in a Rural Minnesota Community: Piloting “Positive Peer Journaling”
Lovejoy, AliceCultural Studies & Comp LitGovernment-Sponsored Children's Film and Media during the Cold War: Institution, Cognition, and Form
Mageau, MichaelD Geog,Urban,Envir & Sust StuA Comparison of the Economic Viability and Environmental Sustainability of Three Promising Local Food Production Methods
Magli, AlessandroMED Cardiology DivisionIdentification of the regulatory elements driving quiescence in muscle stem cells
Marahrens, YorkCBS Gen Cell Bio & Dev DeptNew Research Direction, Moving from X-inactivation to Cancer: Tumor Suppressor Role of a Chromosome Stability Center
Miller, JoannePolitical Science DepartmentAre Conspiracy Theories for (Political) Losers?
Mohan, NedCSENG ECE AdminReal-Time Digital Simulator with Rapid-Control Prototyping features (RTDS-RCP)
Molnar, GregoryNEUR Neurology Dept AdminA wireless recording/stimulation system to study brain activity and develop novel neuromodulation therapies
More, SwatiDrug Design, Center forChronic Exposure to Butter Flavorants and Neurodegeneration
Morgan, ClarenceArt DepartmentSurface Tension: Painting Into Drawing
Pereira PhD, MarkSPH EpiCH DivisionWalking Green: Developing an evidence-base for Nature Prescriptions
Reynolds, ArthurChild Development Admin, InstBiomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in a Low-Income, Early Childhood Cohort
Sarbahi, AnoopPolitical Science DepartmentStruggles at the Margins: Explaining Trajectories of Peripheral Ethnic Insurgencies
Silverman, MichaelMusic, School ofHealthy and Unhealthy Music Use, Music-Based Emotional Regulation, and Coping Strategies in Adult Cancer Inpatients: A C
Smyrl, WilliamCSENG Chem Eng & Mat Sci AdminSodium-Ion Batteries for Sustainable Energy: Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Snyder, KristineD Math & StatisticsUsing movement patterns to advise neural connectivity measurements
Xu, AlisonCSOM MarketingAttachment to God Reduces Conformity to the Choice of the Majority
Zhang, LinSPH Biostatistics DivisionDynamic graphical modeling: Application to longitudinal neuroimaging data
Zollinger, StephanieDHA Interior DesignJack Lenor Larsen at 90: Larsen's Top Picks

Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2016 Awards

Name(s) Department(s) Description
Afrin, Lawrence MED Hema, Onc, Transplant Adm Exploratory Characterization of Mast Cell Regulatory Gene Mutations in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
Arenz, Brett Plant Pathology, Dept of Novel oak wilt diagnostic technique development
Austin-Minor, Elizabeth D Chemistry & Biochemistry Microplastics in western Lake Superior
Bhimani, Rozina SoN Academic Programs Development of a Tool to Measure Muscle Tightness (MMT)
Billmeyer, Dean Music, School of A Recording of J. S. Bach’s Major Preludes and Fugues for Organ after the 1913 Edition of Karl Straube (1873-1950)
Brown, Julie Curriculum & Instruction Admin Promoting Somali and Latino/a Parent Science Education Involvement through Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments 
Brugger, Keith M Geology Acquisition of a Ground Penetrating Radar System For Research Applications at UMM
Cheeran, Maxim Veterinary Population Medicine Modulating macrophages to enhance neurogenesis in Alzheimer Disease
Chen, Yue CBS Mass Spectrometry Protemic The Role of Proline Hydroxylation on Brd4-mediated Transcriptional Regulation
Chen, Changbin Horticultural Sci, Dept of The regulatory mechanisms of Homologous Recombination in Maize
Coletti, Filippo CSENG Aerospace Eng & Mech Adm Droplet-turbulence interaction in "cloud-in-a-box" experiments
Crowell, Paul CSENG Physics & Astron,Schl of Shared Equipment for Electromagnetic Transmission and Reflection Measurements between 50 and 500 GHz
Davies-Venn, Evelyn Speech-Language-Hearg Sci Dept Improving amplification outcomes in noisy urban soundscapes for individuals with hearing loss
Davis, Immanuel Music, School of The Flute in the Court of Louis XIV
Finestack, Lizbeth Speech-Language-Hearg Sci Dept Evaluation of an Explicit Approach to Teach Grammatical Forms to Children with Language Impairment
Gao, Zan Kinesiology Administration Improving Breast Cancer Survivors’ Disease Management Outcomes through Smartphone Apps and Online Health Community
Griffin, Daniel Geography,Environment,Society Southern Minnesota drought history reconstructed from tree rings
Hamilton, Sara LMP Administration Prevention of Cerebral Malaria by IL-15C Treated NK Cells
Hancher, Michael Eng Languages & Literature Revising the Tenniel Illustrations to the Alice Books
Harvey, Jacquelyn D Communication Improving Couples’ Conflict Resolution Strategies via Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Holschuh, Bradley DHA Apparel Design Elastomer-Sensor Composite for Dynamic Pressure Measurement & Uniform Pressure Production in Active Compression Garments
Jeong, Jong Seok CSENG Chem Eng & Mat Sci Admin Properties of functional oxides at the nanoscale: From one to three atomic layers
Johns, James CSENG Chemistry Administration Ultrafast Scanning Probe Microscopy for Molecularly Resolved Energy Transfer
Kerwin, Jason Applied Economics, Dept of Two Field Experiments with Agricultural Workers in Malawi: Workplace Peer Effects and the Value of a Statistical Life
Lewis, Melissa DMED Biobehav Hlth/Population Remember the Removal: Program Evaluation
Li, Mo CSENG ECE Admin Environmental Controlled System for Fabrication and Heterogeneous Integration of 2D Material Devices
Lu, Connie CSENG Chemistry Administration Photon II: An X-ray Diffraction Detector with Single-Photon Sensitivity
Michael, Kerry M Psychology Investigating the Social and Physiological Processes Underlying Sex Differences in Behavioral Inhibition and Depression
Mizuno, Hiromi History Department Nitrogen Frontiers: Japan, Empires, and Postcolonial Asia
Nakajima, Motohiro DMED Biobehav Hlth/Population Substance Abuse, Acculturation, and Stress among Immigrants from East Africa
Palacios, Lena Gender, Women & Sexuality Transforming Justice: Formerly incarcerated women engaging in anti-violence activism through participatory video
Pastorino, Elena Economics Theory and Evidence on Financial Constraints, Labor Market Frictions, and Employment in the U.S.
Reigstad, Kristina PSYCH Psychiatry Dept Admin Parent-based Attachment Intervention Targeting Adolescent Depression 
Rothchild, Jennifer M Sociology “Living on the Fault Lines: Women’s Sexuality and Reproductive Health in Post-Disaster Nepal”
Saeedloei, Neda D Computer Science Model Checking A Real-time Extension of Linear Temporal Logic
Saldanha, Arun Geography,Environment,Society Prince from Minneapolis: The Geography of Genius
Salmon, William D Writing Studies Transnational Attitudes: Caribbean Oral Histories and Language Ideologies in a New York Creole Community 
Sandler, Daniela Architecture, School of Pragmatic Visionaries: Activist Architecture and Informal Urbanism in Contemporary São Paulo
Scarbrough, Burke D English The Role of Summer in Youth Learning and Development: New Theoretical Perspectives
Schwarcz, Daniel Law School General Academic An Empirical Examination of Consumers’ Understanding of Homeowners Insurance Policies
Sojourner, Aaron CSOM Work & Organizations Access to High-Quality Early Care and Education:  Family-Centered Measures of Tradeoffs between Costs and Quality
Tostevin, Gilbert Anthropology Maximizing the Research Potential of a Rare Archaeological Site: Neanderthal Adaptations at Crvena Stijena, Montenegro
Van de Winckel, Ann Physical Therapy Correlational Analysis and Functional Connectivity between Brain Lesions and Sensorimotor Impairments in Stroke
Veglia, Gianluigi BMBB Med Struct Bio/Biophysics Veglia GIA Bridge Funding Request
Wackett, Lawrence CBS Microbial Bio & Biotech Bridge Funding for 22-Year, $2.5 Million Industry Grant With Multiple Benefits for the U
Walcheck, Bruce Veterinary Biomedical Science BMG CLARIOstar microplate reader
Zhao, Ping D Mechanical & Ind Engr Development and Characterization of Nanoporous Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Tactile Sensors for Surgical Applications

Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2015 Awards

Name(s) Department(s) Description
Almquist, Zack Sociology Demographic Opportunity Structures in Activity-Based Online Social Networks
Amell, Jim D Social Work “The Generations Project: Exploring American Indian Voices Using Photovoice”
Bend, Torry Theatre Arts & Dance Dept Six-week Residency at 3LD Art and Technology Center
Blank, David CSENG Chemistry Administration Understanding Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: Impact of Charged Nanocrystals
Brady, Jennifer D Foreign Languages & Lits Book completion project: Men and Masculinities in Flux: Representations in Contemporary Spain
Buchanan, Sarah M French The Sounds of the Spirits in "The Price of Forgiveness" ("Ndeysaan," 2001, Mansour Sora Wade, Senegal)
Craft, Meggan Veterinary Population Medicine Infectious diseases in urban coyotes – does land use influence pathogen exposure risk? 
Dahl, John D Biology Characterization of spore formation in Mycobacteria
Deane, Jennifer M History Herbert Grundmann and Medieval Religious Historiography
Doss, Charles Statistics, School of Model Selection and Shape-Constrained Estimation
Drewes, Lester DMed AHC Graduate Program Seahorse FXe96 Shared Instrument for the Duluth Campus
Durgunoglu, Aydin D Psychology Using a Novel Approach to Understand and Reach the Marginalized Youth not in Education or Employment 
Erickson, Darin SPH EpiCH Division A Preliminary Assessment of the Emerging Marijuana Retail Environment
Everson-Rose, Susan MED General Internal Medicine Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as an Adjunct Intervention to Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Pilot Study
Freedman, Tanya PHCL Pharmacology Admin Inflammation overrides a macrophage signal checkpoint in autoimmune disease
Genova, Thomas M Spanish “Hemispheric Entanglements: Race and the National Family in the Nineteenth-Century Americas"
Gilbertson, Rebecca D Psychology Internet Gaming, Cognition, Physiological Response
Gopalakrishnan, Rajaram Dent Oral Pathology, Div of Canonical BMP Signaling is Required for Osteoclast Formation
Gross, Briana D Biology Minnesota Lingonberry: Genetic Markers for Clonal and Genetic Structure
Grossman, Julie  Horticultural Sci, Dept of Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon Autosampling Analyzer (TOC-L) with Simultaneous Total Nitrogen (TNM-L) Measurement
Ho, Yen-Yi SPH Biostatistics Division Integrating Somatic Mutation and Gene Expression Data to Identify Active Driver Pathways Associated with Cancer Survival
Kirk, Laura SoN Academic Programs Aerobic Upper Body Ergometry (UBE) for Older Adults in Senior Living Facilities (SLFs): A Feasibility Study
Lavine, Howard Political Science Department On The Psychological Underpinnings of Electoral Choice in Real Time
Li, Yang D Math & Statistics Spatial Point Processes on the Network
Lysak, Robert CSENG Physics & Astron,Schl of Theory of Kinetic Alfven Waves and Auroral Particle Acceleration
McKechnie, Anne SoN Academic Programs Development and testing of two self-report instruments for expectant parents after major fetal anomaly diagnosis
McNulty, Kieran Anthropology Functional morphometry of primate masticatory anatomy
Millet, Dylan Soil, Water & Climate, Dept of Bridging Micrometeorology and Atmospheric Chemistry: A New Direction For Understanding Land-Atmosphere Interactions
Moana Filho, Estephan Dent TMD & Orofacial, Div of Multimodal Assessment of Sensory Processing and Brain Features in Patients with Chronic Orofacial Pain
Orshinsky, Angela Plant Pathology, Dept of Population genetics and biology of Passalora fulva, the causal fungus of tomato leaf mold, in Minnesota
Prizment, Anna SPH EpiCH Division Pilot Trial to Examine the Effect of Aspirin on the Gut Microbiome
Schardt, Christian D Earth & Environmental Sci Small scale microanalysis of rock and mineral textures formed during mineralization
Stronach, Sheri Speech-Language-Hearg Sci Dept Technology-enhanced early intervention for children with autism: a pilot study
Talghader, Joseph CSENG ECE Admin Engineering Van der Waal's Gases in Solids
Titus, Margaret GCD MS Department Admin Mechanism of MyTH-FERM Myosin Mediated Filopod Initiatin
Tobin Stanley, Maureen D Foreign Languages & Lits Single-authored BOOK: Justice through Memory: Repression, Oppression and Incarceration in Contemporary Spanish Culture
Weiler, Lindsey FSoS Administration Caregivers Fostering Mentoring Relationships for Positive Youth Development
Wieling, Elizabeth FSoS Administration Adapting and piloting of a manualized preventive parenting intervention for Karen refugees
Willow, Diane Art Department Freedom of Movement
Yamada, Tetsuya Art Department Ungravity
Zhang, Rui Health Informatics, AHC Inst Using Electronic Health Records to Validate Literature Discovery-Based Drug-Drug Interactions

Grant-in-Aid: Summer 2015 Bridge Funding Awards

Name(s) Department(s) Description
Armstrong, Sandra Microbiology Iron acquisition in Bordetella pertussis
Ghose, Geoffrey Neuroscience Neuronal basis of perceptual learning
Oh, Sang-Hyun Electrical & Computer Engineering Nanopore biosensors for kinetics of reparative human antibodies

Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2015 Awards

Name(s) Department(s) Description
Allen, Alicia Family Medicine & Community Health Smoking Abstinence in Oral Contraceptive Users
Aune, Alison Art & Design Nordic Pattern Paintings: New Works
Banga, Anannya Stem Cell A Novel Approach of Imparting Immune Tolerance to Transplanted Beta cells and Islets with Mucin
Cavender-Bares, Jeannine Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Purchase of a High-Resolution Infrared Thermal Camera
Cheung, Corjena Nursing - Adult & Gerontological Health Effects of yoga on redox status, motor function and psychosocial well-being in individuals with Parkinson’s disease
Costalonga, Massimo Periodontology Prediction of periodontitis using NMR metabolomics
Cunningham, Brooke Family Medicine & Community Health From 0 to 100: Building Strong Positive Organizational Climates for Health Equity (UPDATED)
Derickson, Kate Geography Daisy who WEBE: Decolonizing the archive of the Gullah/Geechee People
DeWaard, Jack Sociology Immigrants’ Duration of Residence in Places within the United States
Dubrow, Gail History Preserving Cultural Diversity in America
Emo, Wendy Education Teaching with Storyline: Benefits for students and teachers
Espinoza, Omar Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering Consumer Perceptions Towards Heat-Treated Timber
Hadjiyanni, Tasoulla Design, Housing & Apparel Toward appropriate transition environments for Native sexually exploited youth
Hansen, Kathleen Journalism & Mass Communication Future-proofing the News: Preserving News Content in the Digital Age
Holtan, Shernan Medicine - Hema, Onc, Transplant Microbial, Graft, and Host Interactions in Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
Katre, Aparna Foreign Languages & Literatures Design Thinking for the Creation of Sustainable Rural Enterprises in India
Kelly, Sam Physics Near-inertial internal wave generation and turbulence in Lake Superior
Kowino, Hilary English The Interface between Home and Belonging in African Literature
Larasati, Rachmi Diyah Theatre Arts & Dance Dancing in the Forest: Politics of Land Law and Aesthetic Rights
Lazovich, DeAnn Epidemiology & Community Health Adding new measures of early-life conditions to the Iowa Women's Health Study
Mailer, Gideon History Slavery and the Splintering of American Moral Philosophy
Malvick, Dean Plant Pathology Understanding Goss’s Wilt of Corn: Comparative Genomic Analysis of An Emerging Plant Disease
Massari, Aaron Chemistry Measuring Microscopic Conductivities in Organic Films
Matthews, Steve History Establishing the Pseudo-Dionysian Manuscripts of Medieval England
Mauro, Laura Animal Science Sex Hormone Dysfunction in Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) Syndrome
McGrath, Jason Asian Languages & Literatures New Angles on Chinese Film History
Mensinger, Zack Chemistry Adsorption of Disease-Relevant Peptides by Metal-Organic Frameworks
Nadathur, Gopalan Computer Science & Engineering Towards the Verified Compilation of Functional Languages
Ponce de Leon, F. Animal Science Single-molecule RNA long-sequence (Iso-seqTM) of the bovine liver and testes transcriptome.
Robinson, Julia Architecture Dutch Complex Housing
Shambroom, Paul Art Snapshot Theater: Untold stories from 583 Photographs
Shank, JB History Evangelista Torricelli: A Baroque Life
Shirazi, Roozbeh Educational Policy & Administration Education is a Weapon: Youth Strategies of Inclusion & Mobility After the Arab Uprisings
Silflow, Carolyn Plant Biology Regulation of Hydrogenase Gene Expression in Chlamydomonas
Spencer, Katherine Family Medicine & Community Health - Emergency, Opth Ctr Group Differences and Minority Stress in a Clinical Transgender Population
Sullivan, Amanda Educational Psychology Classifying Children with Autism: Who Is Most Likely to Have Unmet Health Needs?
Vitorino, Maria Ana Marketing & Logistics Management The Economic Effects of Cash-for-Clunkers Programs
Wang, Haiyang Computer Science Going Green and Efficient: High Performance Cloud Virtualization for Heterogeneous Workloads
Wilson, Michael Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Monitoring unhabituated chimpanzees in and around Gombe National Park, Tanzania
Xu, Zhihua Chemical Engineering Time-resolved confocal microscopy study on solution-processed solar cells

Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2014 Awards

Name(s) Department(s) Description
Abdi, Cawo Sociology Muslim Refugee Schooling in the Era of School Choice: Ethnocentric Charter Schools in Minnesota
Becker, Dennis Forest Resources In-Woods Biomass Drying to Increase Energy Value and Reduce Air Emissions
Binstadt, Bryce Pediatrics Rheumatology Center for Immunology SpeedVac
Carpenter, Nancy Science & Mathematics Benchtop NMR Spectrometer
Cherlin, Michael Music Interpenetrating Sound Worlds: Spirituality and Eros in the Music of Mahler and Beyond
Chi, Chih-Lin Nursing Discover Evidence of Personalized Alzheimer’s Treatment from Electronic Health Records
Christiansen, Mary Civil Engineering (Duluth) Development of Sustainable Geopolymer Concrete from Regional Materials for Long-Term Durability Testing on UMD Campus
Cloyd, James Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology Acquisition of a Triple Quad LC-MS System for Translational Research on Orphan Drugs
Cohen, Jerry Horticultural Science Reveleris Prep Flash Chromatography System
Crooker, Brian Animal Science WIZARD2 5-detector gamma counter
Deane, Bradley Humanities Fraudulence, Mystification, and the Improbable Sherlock Holmes
Demetriou, Daniel Humanities Civic Immortality: Honoring Liberal Heroics in Africa and Abroad
Eble, Michael Humanities Premier coupe, reflective paintings on the coastal landscape work of Nicolas de Staël
Feinberg, Joshua Geology & Geophysics Thermo Fisher Scientific Niton XL3t 950 Mining Analyzer with GOLDD+ System
Fleury, Veronica Educational Psychology Understanding the Shared Reading Needs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their Caregivers
Gehrz, Robert Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics Replacement of the Digital Optical Encoders on the Infrared Telescope of the University of Minnesota's O'Brien Observatory
Hackel, Benjamin Chemical Engineering & Materials Science ProtID: Systematic Evaluation of Small Protein Scaffolds for Molecular Recognition
Hinderliter, Brian Mechanical & Industrial Engineering The Impact of Chemistry and Topological Distributions on Surface Energy for Composite’s Quality
Inoue, Yuhei Kinesiology Social Impact Assessment of a Charity Sport Event in Cambodia
Lock, Eric Biostatistics Methods Development for the Integration of Multi-way Array Datasets
Meier, Ann Sociology Out-of-School Activities, Social Inequality, and Youth Development
Meza, Fernando Music The marimba in Costa Rica: Understanding a country's musical legacy through the history and practitioners of a unique instrument.
Morris, Rebecca Hormel Institute Bridging the gap between macro and micro: imaging, documentation, analysis and dissection
Munoz, Lorena Geography Recovering Public Space: Violence, Migration and Informal Vending in Bogota, Colombia.
Nemykin, Viktor Chemistry and Biochemistry Acquisition of Equipment for Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Ni, Min Plant Biology SHB1 regulates seed development in Arabidopsis
Ostrander, Julie Medicine - Hema, Onc, Transplant PELP1 and AIB1 cooperate to promote breast cancer initiation
Piehler, Timothy Psychiatry The Development of Behavioral Measures of Peer Contagion Susceptibility in Adolescence
Powers, Jennifer Ecology, Evolution & Behavior The Biogeography of Tropical Legumes: Diversity, Function, and Distributions
Quevedo, Karina Psychiatry The Neural Basis of Self Referential Processing: A Predictor of Treatment Response for Adolescent with Non Suicidal Self Injurious Behaviors (NSSIB) and Interna
Rink, Scott Theatre Arts & Dance The Illuminations
Russell, Matthew Forest Resources Assessing the impacts of deer on forest health attributes in the eastern US: current and projected trends
Schlauch, Robert Speech Language Hearing Sciences Quantifying the role of the middle ear muscle reflex
Schreiner, Kathryn Chemistry and Biochemistry Organic Carbon Flux from a High-Arctic North American River and its Fate in a Changing Climate
Sheagley, Geoff Political Science The Political Psychology of Economic Inequality
Sheets, Erin Pharmacy Molecular crowding effects on protein and vesicle interactions with membranes
Shenoy, Chetan Medicine - Cardiovascular Division Improved Risk Stratification for Anthracycline Cardiotoxicity with Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Skaria, Ajay History Ambedkar’s Conversions: Hinduism, Law, and Navayana Buddhism
Smith, Mark Russell Music Bach's St. Matthew Passion Project
Stanislav, Andrea Art Radio Leningrad -- Forget Your Past: Traveling Solo Museum Exhibition
Strasburg, Jared Biology Non-Invasive Genetic Estimation of Population Size in Yellowstone Moose
Swartz, Teresa Sociology It's Not Just Child's Play: How Parents and Kids of Diverse Backgrounds Understand, Access, and Experience Youth Activities
Trudo, Sabrina Food Science & Nutrition Bridge Funds for Validation of a Newly Developed Biomarker
Venturelli, Paul Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology Developing a framework for standardizing degree-days in fisheries science
Viestenz, William Spanish & Portuguese Beasts of Burden: Bullfighting and Other Eruptions of the Creaturely in Modern Spain
Willette, Michelle Raptor Center Is The Raptor Center an Effective Wildlife Disease Surveillance Tool?
Xu, Gongjun Statistics Efficient Monte Carlo Methods for Random Fields and Random Matrices
Zhao, Ping Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Carbon Nanotubes Modified Cement-sand Based Piezoelectric Smart Composites

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